Looking for some great Hybrid Event ideas?

As we mentioned in our Hybrid Event Solutions post, ‘Hybrid Events’ should be planned using a ‘Hybrid First’ approach (rather than just ‘Physical event + Live stream’). Your next Hybrid Event could be, and should be, so much more! A great Hybrid event combines the best aspects of a physical event with the best aspects of an online event. In short, you need solid Hybrid Event ideas to create an engaging and memorable experience for your audience.

Designing a Hybrid event format that actually works for an audience requires thought and consideration. So here at WebinarExperts we thought we’d help you out with some handy tips and ideas. We got the team together, dug into our experience of running high-end virtual events & webinars and compiled some great Hybrid Event ideas. We hope these will help you on your hybrid event planning journey…

1. Plan the physical and virtual aspects of your Hybrid Event together so that they work and compliment each other

This may sound obvious but it’s so important to see your Hybrid event as one complete event rather than two (physical & virtual) forced together. As a new event format in its own right, thinking about how the virtual & physical portions of your event can integrate with each other will really help the flow and design of your Hybrid Event.

2. Create exclusive online content that attracts your online audience. 

This has to be one our best Hybrid Event ideas as it’s a great way of engaging your online audience and promoting your digital content to physical attendees too. It’s a win win. Physical attendees will get even greater value by accessing additional online materials whilst virtual attendees get a rich content experience (and maybe even exclusive)! Think ‘Behind the Scenes’ interviews (BTS), ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions, or ‘Online Only’ tracks…

3. Provide content in live and on-demand formats. This allows you to create an immersive streaming content experience irrespective of your linear agenda

If you have a number of sessions, or tracks, that overlap then it might not always be possible for you physical or digital audience to watch everything ‘live.’ Cue, on-demand content… This means both digital and physical attendees have the benefit of watching back content online at their leisure making for a fuller, and less stressful, Hybrid event experience.

4. Attract a bigger physical audience with specialist ‘offline only’ content

This is the same tactic as Hybrid Event Idea #2  but in reverse! Providing ‘hands on’ content or experiences at your physical event (which can’t be achieved online) helps drive demand for your physical event. And although your physical event will still live stream Keynotes and Presentations online the allure of the mystery ‘in person only’ content is just so tempting! FOMO anyone?

5. Try physical and online networking, combining both for an extended Hybrid experience

Many virtual event platforms have a range of tools to allow for networking and when combined with in person or ‘physical’ events the sky really is the limit. Giving physical attendees the option to network online as well in person gives all attendees the best possible chance of making those all important connections.

6. Feature online presentations and panel discussions with speakers/experts from around the world

The boom of the virtual event during 2020 has led to us to realise that we don’t need to fly Speakers around the world to be at an event. Thanks to this amazing technology we can broadcast them into your event, and they can answer questions share slides, just as easily as if they were there in person. What’s more, your ‘Hybrid Panel’ of both physical and digital speakers can be live streamed back into your virtual platform so all attendees get a great experience.

7. Right at the start, think about how interactivity and engagement is built into the online experience 

When considering what your Hybrid Event is going to look and feel like it’s important to consider how the online ‘virtual’ attendees will interact with your Physical Event, Speakers, Physical attendees and Exhibitors. If the built in tools in your chosen virtual platform don’t offer what you need, then it’s time to get even more creative and think ‘out-of-the-box.’ Be bold and think big as it’ll be this interactivity that drives great engagement and enhances your Hybrid Event above all others. We have loads of Hybrid Event ideas surrounding this so if you’re struggling, feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear about your plans!

8. Choose your virtual platform carefully

We saved the most important (probably) Hybrid Event Idea ’till last. Platform! Think carefully about which platform is best suited to bring your Hybrid Event’s online portion to life and drive engagement with your virtual audience. There are many online event tools and WebinarExperts are on hand to help you wade through them as we’ve seen, tested and ran events on the vast majority of them. It’s also worth remembering that sometimes only a custom combination of interactivity tools will provide you and your audience with the best experience which is unique to your Hybrid event.

In conclusion…

There are so many more Hybrid Event ideas but we had to pick our top 8. I’m sure you have some of your own and we definitely still have pages of them here at the WebinarExperts HQ. We hope you enjoyed this post and if you take just one thing away from this post let it be this…

The key to Hybrid Events is to THINK BIG. It’s a new event format that you can shape into what works best for you and your audience. WebinarExperts will work alongside you to ensure your ideas work in practice and are implemented (and executed) in a reliable, enjoyable and functional way.

WebinarExperts helps event organisers to create memorable online and hybrid event experiences. Our team of experts works with you to strategise, plan, setup and deliver experiences that go beyond a standard live stream or webinar. We help our customers by outlining what is possible, how your ambitions can be achieved, and get hands-on with the execution of your event experiences. Get in touch today or find out more about our services.

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