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About Webinar Experts

Our broad and in-depth experience of working on all aspects of webinars, Online Events, Hybrid Events and Podcasts makes WebinarExperts the ideal partner for ambitious and global organisations. For over a decade, Webinar Experts’ Managing Director, Lev Cribb, has worked with organisations to improve their use of webinars. We don’t sell webinars, but Webinar Experts do help customers improve their output once they have adopted a webinar platform. In particular, we cover the following:

  • Webinar Programme Strategy & Delivery – a 360 degree service offering for all of your webinar requirements

  • Webinar Programme & Digital Event Design – re-imagining how webinars and digital events can work best for your organisation’s requirements

  • Online & Hybrid Event Execution – making the best format work for you and your audience

  • Professional Webinar & Digital Event Production – taking the heavy lifting off your plate to free your team up on the day of your live event

  • Webinar Health Checks – assessing your existing webinar and digital event programme to create custom recommendations for performance improvement

The goal is to ensure webinars are utilised to their full extent so that the Return on Investment is easy to see.

Get in touch to tell us how Webinar Experts can help you. We’d love to hear from you.

    About Lev Cribb

    Lev Cribb, Managing Director of WebinarExperts, gained his webinar experience working with a range of global webinar platforms. Lev was with ON24 Inc for six years and during this time the company experienced one of its key growth phases. With WebinarExperts he has since built a globally recognized team with a deep understanding of all aspects for webinar and digital event success.

    As a platform-agnostic service provider, WebinarExperts helps large organisations and enterprises gain the maximum value from their investment in webinars and digital events. Covering the full range of webinar program design, setup and execution, WebinarExperts are the go-to provider for webinar excellence. Services include online events, hybrid events, webinar marketing consultancy, live streaming and audiovisual production services, podcasting, professional moderation, and process optimisation for existing webinar programs.

    “Lev is a dedicated professional. Very inspirational to work with him. Experiencing his quick and sharp mind at work is most impressive. Lev’s ideas, skills, knowledge and understanding of dependencies made working on new projects a breeze.”

    Stuart Perkins, Creative Director, 24/7 Webcasting

    “When it comes to webinar marketing, Lev is as good as it gets. At ServiceNow, he brought a great deal of ON24 and programmatic expertise, structure, analytics and continuous improvement to the EMEA webinar program – taking it to the next level of impact on influenced pipeline growth.”

    Kees Henniphof, Director EMEA Campaigns, ServiceNow

    “Lev is an absolute phenomena when it comes to webinar innovation, collaboration and expertise. We worked together for about three years and during that time Lev thought me a whole new meaning behind driving a webinar program. He is relentless when it comes to making things differently and better, applying continuously performance-orientation and metrics mindset.”

    Michalina Kiera, Senior Marketing Manager, Operational Excellence | Global, ServiceNow

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