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WebinarExperts plans and produces high-quality Online events for a range of different use cases. From small but strategic Executive Briefing Centers to multi-track, multi-day User Conferences and Sales Kick-offs, WebinarExperts has the expertise and experience to create Online events that stand out, engage your audience, and run like clockwork. Online events and Hybrid Events have established their place in the corporate event marketing mix. Our customers benefit from our team of experts who make it happen and take the heavy lifting off their plates.


It may be tempting to return to in-person events. We get it. In-person events are important and familiar. Some things are just better done in person. However, not everyone can (or wants to) attend in person. And some organisations have cut travel budgets for event attendance. Our research shows that only 3% of people would attend all events in person. That’s 97% of your audience who would like to have the option to attend online.

“Event attendance behaviour has changed. Especially for senior professionals. With audience time at a premium, offering an option to attend online has become an expected option”

Lev Cribb, Managing Director – WebinarExperts

Online events offer audiences and organisers benefits that in-person events don’t offer. Ensuring the event is produced professionally and designed to delight your audience is key to gaining deep audience insights and engagement.

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Engage Better
Extend Reach
Bigger Impact
Deeper Insights

Key Benefits Online Events

Online events comfortably exist alongside in-person events. Read more about the 5 Stages of Modern Events. The benefits offered by Online events are important for any marketer and organiser to consider.

Extended reach, time (and cost) saving for your audience, granular attendance and content consumption metrics, increased audience engagement and satisfaction, and event scalability are just some of the important factors to take into account.

Online events don’t have to be difficult when you work with professionals whose day job is to ensure every Online event is a success.

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“Online events are here to stay. Staying analog is no longer enough”

Lev Cribb, Managing Director – WebinarExperts

WebinarExperts How we help

An Online Event format requires a different approach and thinking, and WebinarExperts work with organisations to create unforgettable events that work.

We’re hands-on, from ideation and strategy through to delivery and are available at every step of the process. Here’s how we help:

  • We help companies strategise & structure a great Online Event
  • Design a user experience (UX) that makes your event stand out
  • Create technical solutions that work with your wider marketing ecosystem
  • Implement & manage customised live-streaming solutions, no matter which platform
  • Setup and manage your Online event
  • Translate physical event features into appropriate and engaging Online event features
  • Provide best practice advice and training for speakers and moderators
  • Collaborate with your team to form a Centre of Excellence for your Online event

WebinarExperts can work with any online event platform you’ve chosen or, as part of our service, we can advise on some of the best available for your specific needs.

Then, we get to work on making your event happen.

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