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We apply our expertise of producing high end Online Events to Hybrid Events too, so you (and your audience) get the most out of your events. Take the opportunity to engage better, extend your reach, create more impact from your content, gain deeper audience insights and ultimately generate more pipeline impact & ROI.


Hybrid Events are here and while companies and event organisers aim to move back to physical events, the Hybrid event format is a ‘best of both’ approach that offers exciting new opportunities. Hybrid Events are more than just ‘Physical events + livestreams,’ they’re a completely new format in their own right, offering digital integrations into physical events.

“Hybrid Events take the best of both worlds & combine them into an exciting new format”

Lev Cribb, Director – WebinarExperts

You’ve probably seen Linkedin posts popping up on your feed about Hybrid Events or maybe someone in your office mentioned looking into them? Well, you’re not alone! We’ve heard from dozens of event professionals who are excited about Hybrid Events and how this new style of event will fuse ‘real’ & digital events going forward.

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Engage Better
Extend Reach
Bigger Impact
Deeper Insights

Key Benefits Hybrid Events

Online events have given organisations a variety of significant benefits such as wider reach, higher attendance rates, content longevity, better data, deeper attendee insights, improved ROI, and a more comfortable attendee experience.

Importantly, these are all benefits that event organisers want to retain at future Hybrid Events (why wouldn’t you?!) while also offering attendees the opportunity to meet your organisation, their colleagues and peers in ‘real life’ again. Because, let’s face it, a hand shake to seal the deal or the post event celebrations are much better in person!

how we can help
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“A new event format requires fresh new thinking”

Lev Cribb, Director – WebinarExperts

WebinarExperts How we help

A new event format requires fresh new thinking and WebinarExperts work with organisations to create unforgettable events that work.

We’re hands-on, from ideation and strategy through to delivery and will be available at every step of the process. Here’s how we help:

  • We help companies strategise & structure a great Hybrid Event
  • Design a user experience (UX) that makes your event memorable
  • Create technical solutions that work alongside your physical event portion
  • Implement & Manage customised live-streaming solutions where required
  • Setup and manage the online event portion of your Hybrid Event
  • Facilitate interaction between the Physical & Digital aspects of your event
  • Provide Technical & Speaker Training where required to your virtual speakers / moderators
  • Collaborate with your team to form a Centre of Excellence for your Hybrid event

WebinarExperts can work with any online event platform you’ve chosen or, as part of our service, we can advise on some of the best available for your specific needs.

Then, we get to work on making your event happen.

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Hybrid Event Video

Managing Director Lev Cribb provides invaluable insights, top tips and some great ideas for your next Hybrid Event.

Bigger Audiences
More Interaction
Content Longevity
Increased ROI

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