The world is going Hybrid.

What the (business) world needs now is Hybrid Event solutions because, not too long ago, when physical events were the norm they rarely had any live streaming or online element. Then the global Covid-19 pandemic took hold and all events went virtual with the benefits felt across the globe.

Better Attendance + Better Analytics + Better Engagement = Enormous Global Reach

Now, the world is set to change again but events are unlikely to just revert back to what they were before. Of course, physical events will resume, however organisers have the opportunity of a lifetime to increase the effectiveness, reach, interactivity and to improve the overall format of their events for the better. Enter: Hybrid Events.

In this post, we want to give you the best starting point from which to plan your Hybrid Events and offer some great Hybrid Event solutions.

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What are Hybrid Events?

Hybrid Events combine the best and most appropriate features and aspects of physical and virtual events to form an entirely new event format; ‘Hybrid Events.’ Simple, right?

For example, physical events offer an opportunity to meet, network, talk and make new connections. On the downside, physical events can be costly, hard to reach (geographically) and limited by the availability and suitability of physical event venues and transport networks.

Whereas, online events offer a wider reach and are geographically independent for both attendees and speakers. They are easier to access, less time-consuming for attendees and offer deeper insight into audience engagement. Content has greater longevity too and becomes instantly more interactive.

By combining the best features and capabilities of physical and virtual events, Hybrid event solutions give your attendees the option to consume content in their preferred way. This also means that physical events that may otherwise have been out of reach (geographically or budgetary) are now able to be attended through the integration of Hybrid Event solutions.

The success of your event isn’t measured by the number of people you are able to physically shake hands with anymore. It’s 2021. The world has changed and your audience have changed too. By including Hybrid Event solutions into your plans you’ll protect all the great benefits of virtual events while still being able to host guests in person.

hybrid event solutions will add attendees via computer at their desk with physical events

Why should I run a Hybrid Event?

Hybrid events are more than just a physical event that’s live streamed. They are so much more! By taking a ‘Hybrid first’ approach from the very beginning, organisers can offer a format that allows physical and online audiences to engage with content in their preferred way, simultaneously.

Done right, Hybrid events create engagement and audience satisfaction at a higher level than any pure-play physical or online event could ever achieve. It’s the best of both! There are lots of Hybrid Event solutions to discuss as each event is unique buy at the heart of any Hybrid event is an experience, designed to offer benefits to all audience types in equal measure.

Hybrid events offer unique experiences to an audience, irrespective of their location or content preference. This is achieved by understanding the underlying technology, how it interfaces with a physical event experience, as well as the preferences of differing audience types (physical vs online).

When audience preferences are optimally served, the engagement and insight achieved from a Hybrid event outperform pure-play physical and online events – hands down.

And, as we mentioned earlier, at the very core of this performance is the ‘Hybrid First’ approach.

More information on Hybrid Events

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