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Meet & Greet

  • Who should be there: Organiser/requestor
  • An opportunity to find out what features and functionality are available to you on the webinar, what tools you can use, and other useful information essential to the planning of a successful event

Tech Checks

  • Who should be there: Speakers, moderator, and organiser
  • A chance to set up your tech and go over best practice on the audio-visual aspects of the webinar. We will also use this opportunity to run through a “How to” with all the speakers for the live day.


  • Who should be there: Speakers and moderator (organiser can watch and comment)
  • Now’s the time to put it all into practice. A full start-to-finish run through of your webinar

The Webinar

  • Who should be there: Speakers and moderator
  • Its show time!

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