Webinar Excellence Manifesto (Paperback Book)


A must-read for anyone who runs webinars, irrespective of which webinar platform you use. The Webinar Excellence Manifesto provides 82 principles to create the foundations for webinar excellence.



What is the Webinar Excellence Manifesto?
Having been responsible for 1000s of webinars and a wide variety of global webinar programs, Lev Cribb compiled his experience in The Webinar Excellence Manifesto. It is a collection of 82 principles, structured into 10 chapters, to help create a foundation for Webinar Excellence. It is a manifesto, rather than a checklist, because it offers everyone the opportunity to strive to fulfil the principles in their own time.

The Chapters covered by the Webinar Excellence Manifesto are:

  1. Webinar Vision
  2. Webinar Processes
  3. Webinar Integration
  4. Webinar Automation
  5. Webinar Testing
  6. Webinar Planning
  7. Webinar Setup
  8. Webinar Execution
  9. Webinar Reporting
  10. Webinar Innovation.

Start your journey to Webinar Excellence today.

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