The Dry Run & How it Works

We look forward to seeing you at the dry run for the upcoming EBC.

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This is an opportunity to meet with the whole team and understand the flow and feel of the day.

Please be prepared to present and ensure you have sent any content over to WebinarExperts prior to the Dry Run

This won’t be an opportunity to run through all your content – it’s simply to understand how each piece of content flows from one to another. You’ll be asked to cover the first two slides (or two minutes) and the last two slides (or two minutes) of your content to help those before and after you flow into and out of their content. These transitions are vital in creating a professional online event experience.

Please ensure that before you attend the Dry run you have;

  • Attended a speaker training session
  • Read the speaker training materials
  • Attended a technical & Demo Rehearsal


Dry Run – Important information
  • The session will be run “as live” except for skipping out the centre of the content.
  • Content should be complete at this point and this is not an opportunity to discuss or make changes to content.
  • You are welcome to leave the call after your section is finished if you don’t speak again later on in the day.
  • We aim to keep these calls to a maximum of 90 minutes, so please be prepared to start promptly.
  • Please use the microphone/lighting/video set up that you will be using on event day to ensure we can spot any issues well in advance of the EBC.